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Estate Planning


Estate plans express your wishes for your assets at the time of your death. What if something happens to you? 


If you unexpectedly die or become incapacitated, physically or mentally, who would you want to make the decisions regarding you or the care of your children? Would you rather have someone you've legally appointed or someone that the court has appointed on your behalf?


Estate planning is typically less expensive and more convenient for you and your loved ones. Do not leave important decisions regarding the disposition of your assets, the care of yourself or more importantly the care of your minor children to the government. Estate planning is affordable and will provide you with peace of mind.

Probate & Estate Administration


This area of law, which is not entered into until after an individual is deceased, includes many purely administrative tasks, such as filing a will, arranging payment or negotiation for any creditors, and settling the estate (distributing the assets to the beneficiaries or heirs). We also handle any estate contests, i.e., assisting clients in taking action regarding any disgruntled heirs that may be raising issues regarding the validity of the will/trust or the distribution of assets.


Most people have a negative opinion about probate, but it is not as scary as you think. When you lose a loved one, you want an experienced attorney who will handle the matter without causing you extra stress and worry.  We are happy to provide you with  a consultation to discuss in detail the process of probate or trust administration.

Business & Commercial Law 

Smart planning is essential to the success and security of your business.  Big or small, we can easily and affordably place you in a business entity that can protect you from being exposed to personal liability in the future. 


We offer several affordable services for small business, including: drafting contracts and Buy Sell Agreements, transferring an existing DBA into an LLC or a Corporation, and handling representation in court. We also provide representation at court in litigation matters for small and large cases.

Family Law

The dissolution of a marriage may be a traumatic experience and it is essential to have an attorney that is aware of the emotional involvement of the parties. We are here to counsel you through the process, inform you of the options and alternatives available to you, and cooperate with you in attempting to obtain the best possible results on your behalf.

We also represent our clients in pre and post nuptial agreements and post judgment matters. Our aim is to make what could be looked at as a painful process as easy as possible for you.

All inquiries are appreciated. Pudyk Law Office is happy to provide you with a consultation, either by telephone or in person, regarding any area of law. If it is a matter that we cannot handle, we will gladly refer your matter to one of the many trusted attorneys we work with in all areas of the law.

Traffic Violations & Misdemeanors 

Paying the fine for a ticket doesn't mean that's all it will costs you! Insurance companies can increase rates and add penalty charges for receiving points on your record. 


Even if it is a zero point offense by the Secretary of State, your insurance company can still charge you based upon their own points system.  If you do receive a ticket, don't pay it!  Call an attorney and fight the ticket (you may not even have to go to court).  You might still have to pay the city but in the long run you'll save on insurance and penalty fees. 


If you find yourself with a misdemeanor criminal offense, such as drunk driving or driving on a suspended license, we can help contest the charges.

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